Dynamic Smart Delivery have a significant presence in over 55% of United States hospitals and specialist healthcare facilities on a daily basis. This impressive profile enables our clients to provide scheduled and critical response services within this market sector with unequaled speed, integrity and expertise.

Trauma Response
The unique size and format of our fleet and United States operations, has made us the professionals choice of partner to fulfil their patient care commitment and deliver their promise – around the clock, 365 days a year.

Asset Management
Our existing profile of business undertaking departmental specific deployment within healthcare premises, stands as a testimony to the position of trust and integrity placed on Parcel International; not only by our clients, but by the healthcare establishments themselves.
This level of access and presence, linked to detailed, and in many cases, technical, understanding of our clients products and procedures, delivers a unique visibility and accessibility to your field based assets.

Bespoke Solutions
Working closely with both clients and Local Health Authorities / Trusts, Parcel International will design and execute bespoke management schedules to maintain optimum performance in support of your unique and very individual business needs.
Whether relevant to community health centres, GP’s, hospitals or even home care patients, our fleet of experienced, trained and security vetted personnel will deliver efficient, confidential and appropriate supply chain solutions
services include: Component deployment and installation, local stock rotation, temperature controlled transport and safe, compliant, secure waste management.