Save on Delivery

It does not matter how often you send parcels or whether you do it for your own needs or is it a part of your work. We all want to save on parcel delivery, especially when it‘s easy as pie. Sharing a few useful tips on how to save on shipping cost.

→ Buy a shipping scale instead of using your bathroom scales. Being more accurate with the weight you specify when booking a parcel online will protect you from overpay as well as from additional surcharges being billed to you if your parcel appears to be heavier. You can also save on the scales by buying it on an auction site and choosing Dynamic Smart Delivery.

→ Follow the golden rule of shipping – Always pack your parcel the way you would like it to be packed for you. If your parcel is packed properly , it will diminish the risk of it being returned back to you because of damage. Proper packaging will not only protect you from possible loss but also save you some time and headache of having to deal with the situation and re-sending the shipment.

→Choose the lightest possible packaging material, e.g. bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect parcel(s) contents from damage. Remember, packaging materials may add additional weight in this way raising the price of delivery. You may also consider buying packaging materials in bulk to save some extra money.

Remember, you are Always saving time and money as well as gas and wear and tear to your auto by choosing parcel pick-up from your home or business places than by bringing the parcel to courier‘s Office yourself.
Before booking your international parcel online, evaluate if it is worth choosing Dynamic Smart Delivery. Delivery term of a standard service may sometimes be similar but the price will differ. What you should also take into account is additional surcharges that may be applied under certain circumstances – these might raise shipping costs in the end.

Finally, establish your shipping policy and stick to it. Evaluate the delivery price before you sell an item having in mind a packaging you will use. If you specify lower shipping price, additional costs will have to be covered from profit you make.